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    Wednesday, March 21, 2012

    Of Dukes and Mice

    Wow, just wow. Considering my last Mousehunt related post was almost exactly a year ago (March 26, 2011), it took almost a year of leisure leveling to garner my promotion to the Duke rank. I can't imagine myself receiving the title of Grand Duke anytime soon either. But yeah, kinda took quite a while too, just a thought.

    Monday, February 20, 2012

    Random Dreams #2: Creativity Spewing Artist

    I’ve always wanted to be an artist. In fact, if it weren’t for the path of medicine that I’m taking, I’d probably end up with a boring desk job with much of my spare time devoted to creating a portfolio of my artistic attempts. At least, this way, I’m doing something that I enjoy and possibly something that I could monetize somehow in the long run. I’m not not really into the paining stuff with the whole deal on scenery and fruits, and pastels and oil paints, but one that dealt with the pen and, with the advent of technology, a tablet. Comic books, mangas, concept arts of various computer games are only a few of the many forms of trade that inspires me to create my own set of artworks. Sadly, I feel that I never had enough time nor was I lucky enough to understand and self-teach myself the ways of the various great artists you find and I particularly envy in portfolio sites like Deviant Art and the like. The thought of being part of a creative community, doing commissions, and having a medium to express your creativity always appealed to me. Ergo, I truly believe I’m a very frustrated artist.

    Monday, January 2, 2012

    Random Dreams #1: Being an Awesome Doctor

    As ironic as it sounds, I actually have a big exam later in the afternoon just less than 24 hours out from my Christmas vacation, my freaking last Christmas vacation while inside this body for that matter. But, you know, I get very lazy a great deal of times, which might also hinder me from achieving such a dream. I also tend to like blogging about something right before such exams. It kinda gets irritating a bit somehow, but you gotta scratch that damn itch, I say. Scratch it with a hopeful long lived series of blog posts entitled Random Dreams. I'm writing these because I feel strongly for these aspirations in life and want to put it in writing the various emotions tied to each one of them. Hopefully, I can remember to look back and read these over and over again in the distant future, so that I'll be reminded of the various silly, serious, impractical, practical, big, small, meaningful or senseless dreams I wanted at this certain point in life. I know I won't be able to achieve many of these, but life is short, and the human mind can only remember so much. So, let's begin with that very first big dream.

    Friday, December 23, 2011

    Razer Goliathus-Speed Medium. Mini-Consumer Review.

    My Razer Deathadder gaming mouse has a new pad, as punny as that may be. Woohoo! I didn't realize there are other places selling Razer products in my area other than PCquickbuys, in fact, I was beginning to think that I'd probably never get to purchase a medium sized Razer Goliathus Speed soft fabric mousepad anytime soon. Hohoho I'm a happy kid when I see such an accessory on my desk. As a gamer that has considered investing in premium gaming peripherals (actually, I got this as a Christmas gift before I could find one), I wanted to protect my Deathadder's teflon feet from wear and tear from questionable mouse pads whose purpose are just meant for advertising a certain store or product. You wouldn't want to have your prized frag-dealing instrument worn down by shoddy provisions? Well, I did for a couple of months..good gracious!

    Let's skip the specific numbers and just say, the medium sized version is more than enough for your gaming needs. In fact, this thing is twice the size of my previous mouse pad, and sales clerks keep suggesting I purchase the extended version (something twice as large and twice the price or so of the medium version)? My primary reason to want such a mousepad was mainly for protection, but now that I got to test it out in Skyrim and Battlefield 3, this thing boasts silky smooth mouse gliding! I know it's not much for most to have a few jagged feels as you span your mouse across other mouse pads, but this smoothness is kinda addicting. As to those nitty gritty details of making you shoot better or something, I don't exactly feel those game-enhancing changes. Either they're really negligible or I'm not proficient enough to make good use of their strenghts. Another thing worthy of note is the grip it has on the underside, no more mouse pads running amok in your desk! Less excuses to use when you die in a duel. Meh.

    The other Razer mousepads are expensive, and I don't really have any idea how those feel in actual use, so I'm not going to go around recommending you not to buy. But if you're considering of buying a premium mouse pad for your premium mouse, then you can consider the Goliathus as a candidate. It's relatively cheap and below the 1000php mark. It's not too shabby at all.

    Tuesday, December 6, 2011

    Battlefield 3. Gamer Review.

    Any avid FPS gamer should know the hype and excitement Battlefield 3 caused the moment it showed off its teeth. Back then, I was hell bent on buying Modern Warfare 3. I wanted Battlefield to suck ass so much because I really wanted to buy Modern Warfare 3 and because I was always a fan of the Call of Duty series ever since its first title. Much to horror of other Modern Warfare fans (and me included), it seemed like Battlefield 3's new frostbite 2.0 engine bit off the head of the seemingly rehashed engine of Modern Warfare 3. Slowly, little by little, with every released trailer coming from both sides, Battlefield 3 was quite the sassy fox in slowly coaxing me to invest some emotions to her, and Modern Warfare 3 simply looked like what the past iterations have been, and that's not sexy. There simply was too much destruction, too much attention to detail, and too much awesomeness for me to ignore. When the Battlefield 3 Beta came out, that definitely sealed the deal. I was preordering Battlefield 3, bug ridden beta and buried in med school or not.

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